You want wedding plans, do ya?

Ha ha ha, since I have received requests (some subtle and some less than) I will let you guys in on the dirt.

But first thing, first: Work.

Ya, I kind of work with a bunch of babies right now. Just a bunch of adults acting younger than the students they teach because the school district has said we have to teach something new. Who would of thought that change could have such a dramatic effect?

Lets just say I'm sick of the whining and will be eternally greatful for weekends and hopefully the day that my colleagues get over their angst and just do their dang jobs.

But I love my  kids.

I have a handful that have struck my heart already. I co-teach a block with one of the special ed teachers and so we have a high concentration of kiddos with reading issues and learning disabilities. I was really worried about having behavior issues but that class is by far the best behaved and a great blessing to me. Every time I think my fellow teachers will drive me out, those dang kids suck me right back in. Dispite all the drama I do love my job.

And then of course, there is the wedding planning.

Now I don't really know what much else to say (or what I have already said, for that matter.)

But I have my colors and location picked out. We are still working on the catering (maybe mexican? Ole!) and we have the dj picked out but not contracted yet. (Anyone wanna parrrttty??!??!) Colors are mainly red, black, and white with maroon, red, deep orange and peach as accents. (Sounds like a lot and maybe a little weird but just picture all the colors in the red/orang family and you should be close.) I am working on center piece ideas that are CHEAP and thats been tough. I'm tryng to keep them simple, elegant but personal as well. We have fish bowls and mirrors that the reception place provides so I feel pressured to use those but I am in love with this picture frame lantern idea because it uses black and white photos which I would LOVE to use as well as candel light which has the romantic vibe I am looking for. Here is a picture from gold old Martha Stewart... what do you think?

So ya, thats an idea. I don't know. I just know I cant afford 20+ floral arrangements so Im trying to add a personal touch and keep it cheap.

But ya, I bought my wedding dress. :) That was awesome. I tried on like less than 10 gowns, found "the one" about 5 dresses in and just had to put it back on. One hour and a half session at David's bridal and I was outta there with my receipt in hand. LOL. It was quick, easy, painless, and I feel totally glamourous and gorgeous in my dress. I was really afraid I was going to feel really defeated and just down on myself for being a "plus sized bride" but I walked out feeling confident and that is simply a miracle. Now, being a little better in shape will help me fit perfectly in my dress so I do need to do some work but I am thankful that my self esteem is still 100% intact.

Now, sadly, this is a total teaser because I only have a pic on my cell phone and not on the internet yet, so you guys will have to wait until I can figure out how to get that from my phone, but for now, here is the much skinnier and less va-va-voom rendition of the dress thanks to the David's Bridal website:

Its beaded all over, lace, modified sweetheart, trumpet with a chapel train. And its AWESOME. Helllooooo curves! :)

Ha ha, so ya, thats the dirt. But one more thing to keep an eye out for: Maren is taking our engagement photos this weekend. Lets just say my outfits are all picked out and I am pumped! Yaaaayyy!! :)

Love and miss you all! Now its your guys' turn to blog!

So I was enjoying a salad on my lunch break yesterday...

... when my phone rings. This is weird, because it just doesn't do that all that often. I didn't know the 303 number but answered anyways which is something I also don't do often. But the man asked for me, told me he was the new principal at Golden High School and then offered me the current science teacher position.

I accepted. And report on August 17th.

Then end.

(Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoooooooo!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!)

Life in the mean time...

So, Im waiting to hear about this teaching job but in the mean time I was supposed to go back to Old Navy to make some money to survive the summer.

Ya, that didn't happen. Lets just say my boss was a complete witch and so I quit my first job, ever. And then cried because she made me feel bad. Stupid.

But then I walked over to Maurices because the store is wonderful and makes me feel better every time. And I filled out a job application. And got hired as an associate. For more money then I was making at yucky Old Shnavy. Yay!

That was three weeks ago and I LOVE the new job. I work with all these precious ladies who all love the Lord and are the nicest people you will ever probably meet. Its pretty great.

But then two days ago I got promoted. Thats right. Three weeks and I was offered full time and a $3/hour raise.

God is seriously so good.

So I get paid to look cute and help other people look cute. And then if I get the Golden job, I will have a stellar teacher wardrobe. And if I don't get the Golden job, I have a full time postion to help me make ends meet. And to pay for a wedding.

Life is so good!

Summuh Tiiiime!

My lovely ladies, I must start out by saying I miss you all terribly. I have gotten into quite the anti-social rut lately but I could use some good girl time. But alas, every time I read Em's blog or look at a new photo shoot of Maren's I just miss you all more and more.

But yes, I suppose I can update you all about my life a little. I finished up school last week which was pretty great. High school students get really nice on the last couple days of school and I just felt super blessed as I packed up my desk and said good-byes. I just kept saying I would be back because I am hoping against all hope that I can work there again next August.

I found out on the last day of school that the old AP who was in DC got the vacant principal job. Which is the first step of many. I know the guy I filled in for who took the AP's job is applying for the now vacant assistant principal job but so are about a million other people in the Denver-Metro area. If he gets it (and I will know around the beginning of July) then I can apply for the now vacant science teacher position with another million or so people in the Denver-Metro area. I know that I will at least get an interview since I was there this past semester and really I can't ask for anything more than that. So I am looking at a final yes or no come the beginning of August and then reporting to school on the 17th if I get the job. So much for summer planning. But you know what, I am not going to complain. I want this teacher job SOOOOO bad. But God knows best so we will see.

In the mean time, I am ditching Old Navy for the upscale fashions of Maurice's. I just found out yesterday that I got the part-time retail job and a pay increase. So suck it, Old Navy. I'm going in today or tomorrow to let them know. I couldn't be more happy to have a new job. The newness (not to mention the great discount at my favorite place to shop) is enough to get me through this summer and now I have a backup if teaching at Golden doesn't work out. Retail is not how I want to spend the rest of my life but its a paycheck and I do have a wedding to pay for.

Speaking of, you girls want some wedding details? So so far we have a few things figured out. Our ceremony (which will hopefully be at a small amphitheater in a park in Loveland) is going to be a mix of casual and formal. We are walking in and out to contemporary acoustic music as apposed to wedding marches or anything involving a string quartet. We want a relaxed, comfortable feel to the ceremony. My bridesmaids are most likely going to be in little black dresses and then have red shoes and I'm think something red like a ribbon or flower in their hair. The groomsmen are in black suits and pants, black shirts, and red vest and tie. Lets not really get into the fact that it will be the  middle of June and the men will probably be sweating through all this black but whatev. The bouquets are going to incorporate more yellows and oranges along with more red to complete our wedding colors. Fire colors... its going to be hot. But we will be surrounded by water at this ampitheater so it will kinda be cool.

The reception will be at that ballroom in Loveland. Eric's family has offered to take care of food so we are gong to have Italian food, either homemade or catered (still deciding). And of course cake. And of course of course some fermented drinks. After all the usual wedding stuff like the first dance and cake cutting, that place is going to turn into one heck of a party. Seriously ladies, bring your dancing shoes (or just go barefoot with me) because Eric and I really want to celebrate with the people we love until they kick us out at 12. We are hoping to book this DJ that works through the reception hall. We heard a little something from him when we went in to sign the contract when another event was going on. The bass was rattling my heart and he was mixing some sweet tunes. If we book him its going to feel like a club. My grandma may not be so excited but I figured come 10pm its going to be mostly a young crowd anyways so we will make sure that dance floor gets some use.

I'm pretty excited about it all. I have tons more to plan and figure out like really cheap center pieces and DIY invitations but I think its going to be fun. Shopping for my dress is coming  up here probably in August or so and I am totally pumped about that.

But ya, that's been my life. I am also playing slow pitch softball two nights a week on two different co-ed teams and that's been fun. I also start coaching a 13-15 year old girls softball team this week with my future sister-in-law. I'm pretty excited. Things are about to get crazy busy so I guess I better hold on tight.

Love and miss you all and I hope you are all doing fabulously!!

I'm alive

Ya, I know. You might have assumed that, with my apparent lack of blogging time, that I might have met my demise but nay, I have not. Oh gosh, I just typed "nay." It must be the last couple weeks of May.

That rhymed.

But yes, as I am sure you can tell, I may be slowly losing my mind. School is crazy and dramatic. The students all think that sunny weather and the sleeping in that is on the horizon means they don't have to try, or study, or show effort of any kind. So obnoxious. I mean, we were never that bad, right Mar? (Shh Emilia, don't mention the Fazoli runs or about 90% of AP physics. Or economics. Or senior year at all, really.) I maintain that I was a stellar student from day one until I donned the cap and gown.

Ok, I'm a liar. Whatever.

But my students aren't even the most dramatic. You get a bunch of educators in one staff meeting and its like a bunch of time bombs. All it takes are a couple words like "budget cuts" or "new state standards" or "3% decrease in pay" and I swear that WWIII might just erupt in the library. Its even more obnoxious then the students' apathy. Luckily, I do seem to be surviving thanks to the armor of naivete I seem to be wearing. I don't care about the 3% decrease in pay because a teaching contract would bring in more money then I have ever received, even with a 3% decrease. And budget cuts? Please. Bring it on. And new state standards? Well they don't scare me. It all comes with a job and I just really want a job.

Speaking of jobs, I don't have one after June 1st. Scary. I have a few applications out but no one is hiring. Thompson school district just fired all first and second year teachers in the entire district at the secondary level. I don't exactly think they are going to be hiring any new inexperienced teachers anytime soon. The other districts in the area are all in the same boat. As for my current position, there is so much turmoil at the administrative level that its going to take months to straiten out that ball of yarn. If it does work out like most people want it to, I may have a possible job there in August. Basically, the principal is retiring and as everyone rolls around down in the main office, the science teacher position may open up. Its still a long shot for me to step back into that job when there are so many people out looking for jobs right now but you never know.

I don't really have a plan right now. But I am confident that it will all work out. Its just a bit of a waiting game right now as school districts get their acts together. I think positions will open up in July. So maybe I will catch a bit of a break. Who knows. God is good and it will all be fine.

But on to better news: Mark your calendars, ladies. June 16th, 2012 I am shedding the last name and adding Clark. Buy something hot to wear and bring the heels and drink of choice (in a classy flask, of course) because we are going to CELEBRATE! Eric and I have a reception site in Loveland called the Garden Room. It is in a warehouse turned ballroom and its way nice. We will most likely have the ceremony outside, maybe at the Foote Lagoon in Loveland but we can't book that place until December. Regardless, we are making some progress on the wedding planning. Its tons of fun. Eric, who at first gave me the typical "its your big day so just tell me what to wear and when to be there", has quickly forgotten that approach and voiced more opinions. Which I think is awesome. We are brewing up some fun ideas so it should be a good time.

Outside of that, things are typical. School takes up a lot of time but I really love those winy, apathetic and sometime pathetic high school kiddos. I'm super blessed to have the job, to be planning my wedding to my soul mate, and to have a God as great as I do.

Life is good so I can't complain.

Love you, Ladies! Take care!

The Post You Have All Been Waiting For...

So I'm engaged.


Ahh! It didn't seem real for days. Then it did for like an hour. And now it feels like old news. Funny how that works. But for my girls I will relive the excitement and give you the scoop.

So Friday (one week ago) was Eric's and mine one year anniversary. We decided to make gifts instead of buying them so I decided to make him a scavenger hunt with pictures that were clues as to where he could find the next letter and clues. There were 7 stops each with a letter about something special. Uh ya, you can say it, I'm one good girlfriend. (Fiancee now but I wasn't then... yet...) But I basically commandeered the night. So Eric waited until Saturday. We both had some work to do but then he invited me over for a walk. We went to North Lake Park in Loveland and eventually ended up in a grassy clearing. I had been giving him crap because he was texting and looking around the whole time but eventually he put the phone away. It went into his pocket one last time and he step up in front of me. He got quiet for a second and just looked at me and then said "This was a decoy."

And my response: "What?" with a very confused look on my face.

Before I could figure out anything else, he simply said that he loves more than anything and wants to spin the rest of his life with me and then I noticed he was on his knee. My hands went strait to the sides of my head as I realized what was happening. He asked me to marry him and I then clasped them beneath my chin and answered "Yes."

He put the most perfect ring on my finger and then stood up and kissed me. I was startled by screaming coming from the bushes near by and our best friends (who are engaged, wedding in Jan) came whooping and hollering over to us wielding a camera with a very large zoom lens. The whole thing is documented in pictures. So awesome.

So that is it really. We headed back home and then made some important phone calls to family. We ended up calling my Dad that night and telling him about it. That was interesting because I have never heard my dad be so quiet. I didn't know how to take it but I think he was just in shock. Its hard when your little girl tells you she is getting married and its even harder when she is the first of your children to go through that. He did give Eric his blessing, though, and that meant more to us than anything.

So ya, there ya go. We are thinking June 2012, mid month. Maybe the 23rd but I will let you know when we get the date. That's really all we know right now. Its a long time until then so I am in no rush.

And of course, I will keep you all in the loop about it all.

So ya, there it is. :) Couldn't be happier.

I will add pics of the whole thing and the ring here soon.

Love and miss you all!!

Spring "Break"

Well, its Spring Break. And I must say, I have never needed a break more in my entire life.

Don't get me wrong. I am still enjoying my job more than any working woman should. The kids have discovered that I am a total pushover (surprise, surprise!) which has made things a little tough but in a way things are more fun. My colleagues are still just as wonderful. I can't express my thankfulness for their help, support, and wisdom. It really has been an incredibly wonderful experience.

But nonetheless, praise God for Spring Break.

And to kick off the week, I got called for Jury Duty. I was supposed to report for duty this morning but I called and they didn't pull my number. I would have raged liked I have never raged before if that was how I had to spend my spring break. I dodged a bullet there.

Ironically, most of my spring break will be spent at Old Navy. I need to work a shift so that I can keep the job as a back up for the summer but when I said I have open availability, the new Boss Lady took that as "Oh, the overworked new teacher doesn't need a spring break at all. I will give her 30+ hours and no days off. Perfect." Oh yes, I had a chat with her yesterday. And yes, I will still be working 30 hours this week. (pushover, remember?) Yay for spring break. I mean, seriously. I have students who are enjoying the 24 hour ice cream machine on their Caribbean cruise right now. And another student who is slowly baking to death pool side in Vegas. And another who I am sure is scuba diving his little heart out in the British Virgin Islands. And I am folding clothes and fighting customers who just can't see to squeeze their hips into the single digit size and have decided the best route is to take it out on me. Greeeaaat.

Wow, that came out a bit bitter.

So let me end it with this. Despite the downsides, I am so excited to spend the week hanging out with my incredible boyfriend. We are gong to opening weekend for the rockies on Sunday, and we have mentioned a picnic and a trip up to Estes maybe. I know I don't talk about him so much on here but I hope all you important ladies know that I have never been happier or felt more blessed. It has been really cool because Eric and I have been going to church together. That seems to open up so many doors for great God-centered conversations and it has been really cool to learn alongside each other. So cool. I am very blessed.

So, yeah. There is some light in this dark tunnel that is my Spring Break Ruined by Old Navy. Ha ha. It will all be just fine. More money in my pocket has never been a bad thing.

Ya, its a good thing. Right. :)